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Greetings Readers,

Welcome to The Trading Post, where we’ll connect, share, learn, explore and inspire each other through the world of art and design.

About Mystic: Nancy Mills took inspiration from Welsh weaves, adding modern fabrics to old-world designs, creating a new premium craft bedding market in the United States. Expert weavers adapted her inspirations to create uniquely beautiful coverlets, shams, and pillows. Skip to 2003, when Nancy’s retirement spelled opportunity to the Tager brothers, who greatly expanded the company. And then finally last year, Aquetong Mills reinforced Mystic’s rich heritage with new designs, a new website, social media, and catalog updates. I encourage you to look at the full history,

About your Blogress: I’m Lauren and, like most of you, I’ve been working in the design industry forever, and I’m still a student of our customers, as well as working in the industry. I’ve a passion for writing, for elegant home furnishings, history of architecture and for the ideas and information we’ll share. Now let’s get back to you, and our blog: I’ve got my first several topics sketched out, and I’m scouting for more. Where you’ve got a passion, a controversy, an opinion, or even a question, please share it.

And as we develop our blog technology, we encourage you to leave your comments after each of my posts, I look forward to hearing from you, contact me at Stay tuned for my next where we’ll be talking about the High Point Furniture Market!


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