Blue is the Color of Summer

Blue has traditionally been liked and embraced color for centuries. And this summer, according to HGTV it is the color to include in your interior design. But did you know there are other benefits the stylistic to the color blue?

Studies have shown that people, when looking at the color, feel calmer, more sedate, and more intuitive. And according to the Chakra color spectrum, blue increases speech, hearing, and even spiritual communication. What is it about this unique color that effects us like this? It could be due to us associating the color with calming things around us—take the sky or the ocean, for example.

So, how do you add blue to your design without complete redo? The best place to start is the bed. The bedroom must be peaceful because it is a haven of sleep– hence scientists advice not to keep your work or computer there. If you want solid blues, the Profiles Silk  Turquoise Collection provides a soft shade that functions into the colder months. For a modern, summer-weight blue try the Cottonwood or the Checkers Aqua ensembles to bring in blue with strong lines and very clean, geometric patterns. For flowing, bolder prints, the Damai and the Hulopoe Bay sets have darker shades that bridge multiple seasons with timeless and antique-inspired patterns. And finally, if you are looking to bedding that builds on a blue base, amplify the blue with another cool accent color as featured in the Oceana and the Namaste designs. All of these sets have a blue calmness yet invite your own interpretation.

If you are more interested in just adding blue to your space, then adding it to a neutral color scheme is best. For example, pamper yourself with our 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets in 300-threadcount Navy or Sky or 650-threadcount Cyan or Sky and complementary pillows from the Santorini collection. Or enhance the Chakra energy with a small bowl of turquoise and aquamarine stones. Or even adding primarily blue artwork to the room to introduce that calming effect.

So whether you are looking to add a little or a lot, blue is the color to incorporate into your summer style.