The Perfect Shade of Blue for Your Bedroom

You’ve decided to paint your bedroom walls blue; that is easy. Now to pick out your exact shade…and the truth is that there are a lot of different shades of blue.  And each one, matched with varying hues and decor, evokes a different feeling than  other shades. Overall, however, blue soothes as it transforms your bedroom into a spa-like retreat – a great choice for your bedroom.
Cool & Calming Master Suite
Most people shy away from dark colors, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone agrees that dark colors make the room smaller; some contend it makes the room larger, blending the edges of the walls, creating depth. The dark navy on the walls of this nautical bedroom is calming.  No doubt about it: no trouble falling asleep here.
Creating a nautical theme? This deep navy blue matches Mystic Valley Trader’s Oceana Collection.
OUR COLOR MATCH: 2063-10 Old Navy
Tranquil Master Bedroom
The grey, cream and light grey-blue of this traditional bedroom creates gentle contrast, making it the perfect space to free your mind and de-stress after a long day.
 OUR COLOR MATCH: SW 6511 Snowdrop
Whimsical Master Retreat
Alone, you might think this pastel blue is meant for the baby’s room, but with mix-matched furniture and subtly detailed pieces, this blue transforms a chic master bedroom to a whimsical mater retreat.
OUR COLOR MATCH: SW 6792 Minor Blue
Bold & Playful Master Bedroom
This turquoise bedroom makes a bold statement with its color scheme. This designer tempered bold & playful with sophisticated neutral grey accents along with an elegant light fixture and rug. This shade of blue proves that blue isn’t simply one dimensional, as only a mere calming / relaxing color. It can brighten and energize your bedroom as well.
 OUR COLOR MATCH: SW 6480 Lagoon
Classically Elegant Master Suite
They call it royal blue for a reason! This deep blue gives off an unmistakable aura of sophistication. Paired with cream and gold, these colors produce an arresting sharp contrast. This classically elegant master suite is a show-stopper.
This regal blue would pair perfectly with Mystic Valley Traders’ Hulopoe Bay Collection.
OUR COLOR MATCH: SW 9178 In the Navy
What is your favorite shade of blue? Let us know in the comments below.