Designing a Serene Bedroom Getaway in 5 Steps


  1. Go monochromatic

Play off the hues of a single color to calm your bedroom and relax the eyes – whether it’s shades of beige, grey, purple or blue. While viewing your bedroom, the eyes fluidly sweep over the soft contrasts.

  1. Lighten up on the lighting

The key to a serene bedroom is dim lighting. Again, stay with the theme that nothing should be too harsh on the eyes.  It is realistic, however, that on some occasions, you need full light, so leave yourself options. Invest in a light dimmer, candles, a nightstand lamp or any combination of these.

  1. Treat your windows

Consider your window treatments. Do you want that calm, serene feeling to last you long into the morning? We recommend trying blackout drapes on your windows to control the bedroom lighting.

  1. Closed storage

Filling your exposed shelves with knickknacks and memorabilia is fun (and tempting), yet nothing ruins serenity like clutter. Design your storage pieces to those with doors.  Tuck your TV behind the doors of an entertainment center; keep your books in the storage bench at the end of the bed; show as little clutter as possible.

  1. A bigger, royal bed

When it comes to luxury, a bigger bed is assuredly better.  There’s a reason they are called “King” and “Queen”!  Go ahead – spoil yourself.