5 Reasons to Choose Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has long been associated with unparalleled luxury. Through its time, some questioned whether Egyptian cotton lives up to its reputation – if it is worth its price tag.  It turns out that there is powerful reasoning behind the mysterious luxury of Egyptian cotton products.

5. EC is stronger and softer than other fibers – The longer staple translates into more uninterrupted fiber to use when composing yarn and threads.  This means there are fewer splices; therefore, the threads and eventually the fabrics are stronger.  This also gives us the ability to turn these extra-long fibers into very fine yarn, making it softer and more lustrous than regular cotton.

4. Egyptian cotton is outrageously absorbent – Egyptian cotton is very porous.  This helps Egyptian cotton absorb more water faster and perform better… whether drying you off after your shower or wiping up standing water on the bathroom counter. 

 3.  EC is better to sleep on than regular cotton sheets – This is again due to the terrific absorbency of the EC.

2. Egyptian cotton lasts longer – The longer, finer staple of Egyptian cotton allows manufacturers to create a finer yarn.  Finer yarns yield a tighter weave in the fabric since we are able to pack more threads (higher thread counts) into each square inch, resulting in a more durable, long-lasting product.

1. Egyptian cotton only gets better with age – Each time you wash your Egyptian cotton towels and sheets, the fabrics just get softer and softer.

Beware of the fakes!  If it doesn’t say 100% Egyptian Cotton…it isn’t!  Stick with Mystic for the finest Egyptian Cotton.  Mystic Valley Traders offers a wide variety of colored Egyptian cotton sheets in 300, 600 and 1200 thread counts.  Our sheet sets include 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases (1 with twin).  And look for our Egyptian Cotton towel sets – coming soon!

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