“How To” Style: Romanticism

The romantic style is something that has returned to interior style and has taken a modern interpretation to it. But exactly what is it? Well, romanticism is a style in art, literature, and music that originated in Europe between 1800 and 1850. Think of artists like Casper David Friedrich, Thomas Lawrence, and Johan Christian Dahl. But how does it work in interior design?

Most of romantic art revolves around cool colors and a solid base—no bold prints or colors. The Profiles Silk Plum would be the best option because of its cool tones, but slightly darker version of purple. Add neutral pieces—end tables, chairs, etc.—in traditional, clean styles. Stick to shades of gray and white to compliment the purple duvet. Further this by adding small amounts of black accents—lamps, frames, and pillows—to provide more depth to the colors and space.

To make a strong and committed effort to romanticism, add elements from the artwork—flowers (like white roses) to side tables, rugs in plain white, silver framed mirrors, or even modern interpretations of romantic art. All of this will create a cohesive look and a modern interpretation of romantic interior design.

Out with the New and in with the Old

With summer approaching, people are looking to freshen up their house’s look and style in a new and unique way. But have you ever considered using vintage and antique pieces to do that? There is nothing more modern about a space than having a balanced aesthetic between the current and old.

So, how do you know what pieces work and what becomes too much? You don’t want your space to look like an antique shop nor out of style, so you want to have the furniture and accessories by three-fourths modern and one-fourth vintage. The best way to do that is have a majority of the heavy furniture and the bedding be modern and have vintage accessories. The Fulham Road, The Damai, The Chantilly and The Santorini all have the modernly traditional aesthetic that achieves that desired style. The Fulham Road and The Santorini have a more masculine aesthetic to them and this can be further enhanced with vintage pieces like a typewriter, cigar boxes, or military memorabilia. If you would rather soften the masculine style, include in the space a vintage chandelier, mother-of-pearl mirrors, or fashion sketches to frame on the walls. For a more overall feminine style, The Damai and The Chantilly follow that aesthetic. To enhance that style, add porcelain pieces, vintage fans, or a birdcage. However, if you want to add a masculine edge to these duvet covers, add accessories like an art-deco lamp, a record player (with plenty of vinyl records, of course), or a vintage globe.

The important part to vintage-modern style is balancing all the aspects of it—that includes the balancing of old and new as well as the gender-associated styles in the room. You don’t want too much of one or the other because it will diminish the affect of the overall style. So after picking the perfect duvet cover to start, go to your local markets, antique stores, and eBay to find those complimentary pieces for a unique space.

“How To” Style: Nautical Inspired

Warm nights, drives to the beach, walks on the boardwalk, and adventures for everyone—there is nothing quite like summer. With warmer weather and the end of the school year approaching, people are looking to make their home feel as seasonal as possible. So what are some of the best ways to get that nautical, summer style?

For a more traditional take on nautical style and what is typically seen in most summer beach homes, take inspiration from the Oceana, the Fisher Island, or the Hulopoe Bay. Oceana, with its navy blue shell and ocean print, makes a bold statement. The bright neon green accents included in the collection make this traditional nautical style feel more modern and balance the print with a minimal, colored accent. To further the nautical theme, either be inspired by the Oceana print or compliment it. You can add ocean and nautical accents, such as ship-inspired artwork or even a jellyfish-resin lamp—this creates traditional take on this classic take and allows for small twists on it. Or simply add accents in a modern, minimalist style, such as a silver side-table, an abstract piece of art, or a white leather chair. This gives a modern and young interpretation on the classic style and balances out the bold print in the duvet with simple accents.

Maybe you want to have that nautical look, but you don’t want to be as bold and forward with it as the Oceana is. So, how do you achieve that look? Start with a clean duvet in a cool blue tone, like the Profiles Silk Turquoise or the Checkers Aqua, and build the nautical theme around it. Add accent pillows with the shell print in a matching shade of blue or complimentary color; add modern interpretations of classic pieces, like a silver shell or fish or an abstract depiction of the beach; or add white shutter-style doors and dressers to the space to make it all feel more like a summer, beach space.

The key to this style is deciding how you want to interpret it—either in a classic and bold or a minimalist and modern way. Either way you will succeed with the nautical style and be ready to welcome in that warm weather and long summer days.