How to Build Your Own “House of Cards”

The third season of House of Cards premiered this past weekend on Netflix, making a big and anticipated impact—even more so if you count the 600,000 pirated downloads. The show is known for its strong characters, realistic perspectives, and complex political plotlines. While the show is built around characters and plots, the sets and designs pull the tones and character dynamics together. The Underwood house and style highlight their attitudes towards each other and their roles in the outside world. Their style uses traditional patterns typically in neutral greys, blues, and whites—very cool colors. There are small, simple patterns in the room details—the wallpaper on accent walls, pillows, the cushions on chairs, and rugs. The larger parts of the spaces are clean and allow for the accents to stand out. The clean spaces and balance of bold and subtle accents beautifully compliment each other.

So, how do you get the Underwoods’ style without becoming president? The critical characteristics of their style include the use of traditional elements, like the rich baroque patterns in the accent walls and small details of the room. This includes plush chairs with traditional wood—sometimes painted silver or gold—with flowing lines in the framework—and clean lines in the patterns on the walls. Such duvet covers as The Easton and The Hulopoe Bay provide the solid and neutral colors frequently used in House of Cards. Accent pillows from The Park Avenue, The Radiance Steel, The Montana, and The Santorini provide subtle traditional patterns. If you prefer the duvet cover play the leading role in the pattern of the room, The Fulham Road, The Park Avenue, The Chantilly, and the striped reverse side of The Cottonwood provide both the color and strong patterns featured in the Underwood house.

Whether you are president of the United States or fan of The House of Cards styling, it is easy to develop the Underwoods’ interior design style and make it work for your specific space and taste.

Bringing Fashion Week into Your Home

While Fashion may seem like it can only pertain to clothes, it can influence your home’s look and keep your space modern and unique each season. 

New York, London, Paris, and Milan. Four major cities host the most influential fashion weeks. Starting today is Paris Fashion Week, which will close out “Fashion Month” for winter. So, how can you take these trends from the runways into your home and bring a new, fun style into your space?

In Milan, pastel colors and neon accented the Prada runway and highly acclaimed by fashion critics and consumers. Take the simple, soft grey duvet from The Hulopoe Bay duvet cover and add the bright neon accent pillows, bed skirts, and sheets from The Oceana. The duvet cover balances out the bright neon of The Oceana pieces and keep to the color balance of the space. If the bright Oceana is too much for your style, add color with colored bed sheets. If you want pastels, then the sheets offered in lavender, mint, light blue, sage, peach, and beige are the best colors to go for. Along with pastel sheets, add soft neutral colored duvets from The Damai, The Easton, The Profiles Silk Turquoise, and The Cottonwood. These duvets compliment the pastel hues of the sheets and provide the look that Prada was making on the runway at Milan.

While Milan focused on soft colors and pastels, London looked to bold patterns and darkly bright colors—royal blues, deep plums, and bright reds. Duvet covers from The Park Avenue, The Montana, and The Oceana provide the bold patterns seen on the runway of Antonio Beradi. Further this design aesthetic with bright sheets in hunter green, navy blue, burgundy, red, or plum. These colors compliment the design aesthetics of the duvets and provide the strong look that were seen on the runways.

New York took a more neutral approach to color but focused on unique cuts to the clothes, inspired by the 1960s and 1970s, and sheer fabrics and floral prints. While this aesthetic can be difficult to achieve through the duvet covers and sheets, accessories get closer to this style with color and the time period aesthetic. Sheets in burgundy, gold, ecru, mocha and teal highlight the jeweled-tones seen on the runways of Erin FetherstonDennis Basso, and Oscar de la Renta. And in traditional white, black, charcoal, navy blue, and grey harken the runways of Caroline HerreraReem Acra, and Diane Von Furstenburg. Duvet covers that match these style aesthetics include The Shangri-La, The Park Avenue, The Namaste, The Radiance Copper and The Radiance Steel.

Paris Fashion Week begins on March 4th with a continuation of powerful colors, fun patterns, and a modern aesthetic on old styles.