Mixing and Matching: Making a Modern Bedroom through Patterns

Like children, we are told not to mix patterns. Nothing sends a cringe down my spine like the sight of mismatched patterns mixed together– I’m looking at you, stripes and polka dots! But in the past couple of years, interior designers have not only re-embraced patterns in general, but they made it acceptable to mix patterns to make a cohesive, yet uniquely personalized space.


There are four main things to consider before mixing patterns:

1) Scale: too many small scale prints and too many large scale prints in one space immediately overwhelm the viewer and shrink the space’s appearance.
2) Balance white space and patterns in the room: nothing scares people quite like patterned walls, patterned bedding, patterned rugs, and patterned side furniture all within one space. White space amplifies each pattern, standing out uniquely yet in harmony with each other. This also allows the space to remain large, not consumed up by patterns.
3) Color Compliments: find a color balance in the room. Limit the colors in the room to three to keep it cohesive. And finally, think of one colored pattern as a neutral or balance it with a neutral (white space!) to keep it from feeling claustrophobic.
4) Experimentation: Mix patterns that you initially wouldn’t think would go together. Find one pattern that “speaks to you” and use that inspiration for the rest of the space and the complimentary patterns.

So, what are the best ways to introduce a pattern in a bedroom? The great thing about Mystic Valley Traders’ bedroom ensembles is that the collections are already composed of different patterns mixed expertly together. But, say you want to make the patterns and style more unique to your taste and space. You can do that through Mystic Valley Traders. For greatest impact, your duvet should have the largest boldest pattern. Take The Park Avenue floral duvet with accent pillows from The Shangri-La. The small neutral print in the Shangri-La pillows balance the large colorful print in The Park Avenue duvet. Also, the geometric and sharp print in the accent pillows balance the feminine floral duvet.
Or if you want a subtler mixture of patterns, use a solid duvet, like The Hulopoe Bay, The Café Cinnamon, or The Profiles Silk Turquoise. All boast solid color and mixed patterns that compliment the solids. With The Hulopoe Bay, because the duvet functions in either white or gray, accented patterns should have white or gray negative space to maintain unity—so accent pillows from The Cottonwood, The Radiance Steel, THE Park Avenue, and The Damai would work well. The Café Cinnamon, because it works with browns and whites, would do best with The Fulham Road, The Easton, and The Radiance Copper. And with the bright turquoise of The Profiles Silk Turquoise, hunt among The Namaste, The Chantilly, The Easton, The Shangri-La, and The Radiance Steel for compliments.
Patterns provide personal expression, and that is what forward designers aim for in all of their services and designs— creating the ideal dream space for you.