Throwback Thursday

Greetings Readers,

Last week I talked about Organic modern, a contemporary but simplistic style that is still seen today. Today I will be discussing modern style in general and using examples posted on our Facebook page.

There are multiple interpretations of modern style, for instance organic modern, neo-modern, environmental modern, late modern, modern historicism, etc. Each style attempts to fuse one cohesive theme like nature is to organic modern. Many of the modern styles however have continued their popularity unlike other styles that fade throughout time. It is popular opinion that modern is a world wide sensation and continues to be favored due to the lack of cultural representation in the style. For example there is no correlation to one culture with modern design, unlike other styles that have unique motifs and design elements that are attached to their culture.

organic modern

organic modern tree

Here are two examples (found on our Facebook page!) that are a blend of multiple modern concepts! As you can see, the modern style is very much prevalent today although interpreted many different ways!

Hope you enjoyed todays Throwback!