Throwback Thursday

Many of these postings have recently been about styles influenced by politics, monarchy and standards of living, however today we will focus on style built and inspired by family. German Biedermeier, a revival of Greek design, is a period of culture and family. During the early 1800s, Germany faced strict authoritarian rule, banning all political rebellion and activism, in turn people began to focus on their households and families. German Biedermeier began as a style to reflect everyday lives, practicality and comfort became more important than upscale, formal design.

During this time, private interiors were the most influenced by this movement. Public buildings were more influenced by the heavy and regal Empire style. However the German Biedermeier was started and made popular by middle class citizens. Rooms and furnishings became more intimate and personalized to the individuals living in the households. For instance, families began using their hobbies, such as needlework, for the decor or began leaving it around. Nick-knacks became prevalent in this style as well as family portraits and photographs. Decor became smaller in scale, minimal pieces were used. Colors were light and bright, typically colors consisted of browns, yellows, greens, blues, natural but exquisite. Geometric shapes were abundant during this time, because of the heavy Greek influence many decorative arts such as wall paper and furnishings were very geometric with natural influences and motifs. GB
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Furnishings became more comfort oriented. Instead of focusing on design and structure of the piece, German Biedermeier focused on human scale and functionality. Angular, geometric shapes come into play, pieces became light in scale and in design. In upholstered pieces, stripes became a popular design, a classic and simple element. These furnishings, although simple, were reflections of artistry, concern for material and excellently crafted.

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The Radiance Copper Collection from Mystic is a reflection of the ideals and simple esthetic of German Biedermeier. The brown shimmer material demonstrates the elegance of simplicity, while the natural vine motif gracefully drapes the bedding and creates a cohesive, simplistic but beautiful look.

radiance copper

As always, I hope you all have enjoyed todays Throwback, looking forward to hearing from you.