How to Make Pillows

Greetings Readers!

Recently I’ve been doing a bit of redecorating in my apartment, and on a college students budget I’ve been trying to find the cheapest (but tasteful) way to do so. I’ve spent countless hours in department stores, garage sales, estate sales, and antique stores trying to find some great deals- and I have- but I decided that I also want to try some DIY projects. Recently I’ve discovered the hilarious blog The Shabby Creek Cottage, written by Gina, who is hilarious and thrifty! Recently I read her post of the cheaters guide of how to make pillows found at the link below. I’ll share today with you my experience making pillows and how to inexpensively make gorgeous pillows!

Heres what you’ll need. Pillow insert, size depends on your preference in this exercise I used a 24×24 pillow and template. Now as for material, you’ll only need enough patterned or pretty material for the very front! So 24×24! Then as for the back fabric buy a cheaper fabric for the back of the pillow, something that will match the design of the front of the pillow. You’ll also need a sewing machine, thread and the like.

Next take the pretty front fabric and cut using a 24×24 template OR by measuring it out of the fabric- whatever your size preference and however you want to cut it. Then take the less pretty back fabric and cut out two 24×18 pieces. Next put the back pieces on top, the right sides will be together and the backs on top of the front. Make sure all outer edges are lined up, the backs will overlap. Pin all pieces together and sew away! For more information check out the full blog posts and for images to clarify. Hope you enjoyed todays post!