How To: Naturally Clean Hardwood

Hello readers!

Excuse me for this but this will be a shorter blog than normal. However, as promised its time for another How-To Tuesday!

In my household, we try to clean environmentally friendly. Recently I have been introduced to a way clean hardwood floors naturally with ingredients that are most likely in your kitchen. All you need is olive oil, hot water, and lemons (as well as a mop and a bucket). This remedy will not only clean your floors immaculately but it will restore you floors to brand new condition, or very close to it.

First, move away all furniture that would get in your way, in doing so, you will have an open floor to clean every inch of your hardwood floors. Before you begin mopping, make sure to sweep your floors and rid of any dust or dirt to make sure you get the best possible result.

Next fill your bucket with a gallon of hot water, pour in a half a cup of lemon juice and three quarters cup of olive oil. Mix together with your mop and start mopping! Once you have mopped your entire floor, allow for floors to dry before walking on floors or moving your furniture back. Once floors are dry, if they are a little slippery buff them with a rag or towel.

And done! Now you have naturally clean hardwood floors. What are your naturally clean remedies? Let me know in the comments below!