How To Make A Bed

How To Make A Proper Bed

It might seem silly to write about making a bed. However, today it seems the art of making a proper bed is lost. I will admit, I am more the “throw the sheets over the pillows” morning bed maker. My family hates it. However there is something to be said about a finely made bed and, even more, how a nicely made bed feels after a long day. So now I’ll challenge myself – and you – to make your bed. Here’s how:

If you’re starting from a bare bed, lift the mattress off of the box springs to add the bed skirt. Spread the bed skirt over the box springs and make sure it is even on both sides. The top of the bedskirt with nothing hanging down will go at the head of the bed. Place the mattress back onto the box springs and be careful not to mess up the bed skirt.
Starting with the fitted sheet at the head of the bed, cover the corner with the fitted sheet entirely and move down to the bottom corner on the same side. Whichever side you choose to start with is up to you. Then cover the next bottom corner entirely and stretch the sheet to last top corner. Next take the top sheet and stand at the foot of the bed and spread the top sheet over the fitted sheet. The side of the top sheet with the larger hem lays at the head of the bed and be sure to leave a small space between the head of the bed and the sheet. After you have spread the sheet entirely, tuck the top sheet under the mattress at the foot of the bed. Next move to one side of the bed and make a hospital corner. To do this take the draping sheet from the side about 16 inches from the foot and tuck in the lower drape (lower drape should look like a triangle). Hold the corner of the higher drape in place and fold the top drape over. Once finished the corner of the bed should look like a 45 degree angle. Repeat on the opposite side and then tuck in the remaining hanging sheet on both sides of the bed. Cover duvets with desired duvet cover and coverlets. Next place blanket or duvet on the bed, smooth it down creating a clean surface. If desired fold the top of the blanket at the head of the bed with the loose sheet on top. Take your pillows and slide them into their shams, if your pillow has a tag or a zipper at one edge-make sure you slide that side into the sham first. Lastly add pillows or any extra decor desired.

This total process should take 5-10 minutes, at the very most. Super easy, right? And you get a nicely made bed that your mother would be proud of.

Here’s a chart from twentytwowords in case you need a visual.