How To: Upholster A Chair

Greetings Readers!

So we know great furniture dents our wallets. For those who, like me, love to save money and add their own design style, in this post I explain how to re-upholster a chair. Re-upholstering furniture can be a huge help to your bank account and allows much greater expression of an interior decorator’s design ethic. For instance, you may find a classic chair at an estate sale and a favored or coordinated upholstery fabric for a unique and well-matched result. Today, I’ll use an armchair example, but these tips apply to all chairs. Now let’s get to it!

First you need:
An armchair
7 yards of fabric*
Compressor with an air staple gun

* This applies to a wingback armchair; be sure to measure your chair before buying fabric and get a bit extra for safety.


Start removing the original fabric from the chair; lay out the old fabric to use as a pattern for the new fabric. Cut the new fabric according to the old pattern, leaving a few inches around the outside. Use a staple gun to hold the staples fast. Using the staple gun, staple the fabric to the chair.The fabric must be pulled tight. Ensure the fabric is staples two inches from the exterior edges, to hide the staples with the new upholstered pieces on top. See the image below, the staples are as inward as yours should be.


Reassemble the chair and voila! a brand new custom chair!

Next week: how to measure a chair and determine fabric requirements.

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