Throwback Thursday!

Greetings Readers,

On our first Throwback Thursday, let’s go back to ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks brought to modern society philosophy, democratic government, and critical elements of our design trade. Naturally, we focus on how an ancient Greek society – the Minoans – influence today’s designs.

In 2000-1400 BC, Minoans were concentrated on the island of Crete. Minoans were agricultural peoples now known mostly for their development of metals such as bronze. However, they’re also known for intriguing design motifs linked to their geography. In early Minoa, artists centered on feminine figures and geometrics. Minoan art featured many water and water-dwelling mammal motifs in their designs. Principally in the wealthiest homes, Minoans animal motifs decoratived a wide range of accessories, such as vases and furniture. Yet Minoans also decorated their walls with marine images including dolphins, octopuses, and fish.













Sacred Murals Studio 

The Minoans applied these designs using fresco painting. Fresco painting applies fresco paint to wet plaster, binding the pigment to the wall, creating fluid, organic lines with long lasting pigments.











Today we hark these timeless aquatic designs, still inspiring our inspirations at Mystic. The Oceana embodies marine motifs just as the ancient Minoans did inCrete.Here we see Mystic’s Oceana duvet cover and shams using familiar octopus, crab, and lobster motifs on the linens. See the link below for the full collection.

Hope you enjoyed our first Throwback Thursday; please come back next week for our next Throwback!