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The Perfect Shade of Blue for Your Bedroom

You’ve decided to paint your bedroom walls blue; that is easy. Now to pick out your exact shade…and the truth is that there are a lot of different shades of blue.  And each one, matched with varying hues and decor, evokes a different feeling than  other shades. Overall, however, blue soothes as it transforms your bedroom into a spa-like retreat – a great choice for your bedroom.
Cool & Calming Master Suite
Most people shy away from dark colors, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone agrees that dark colors make the room smaller; some contend it makes the room larger, blending the edges of the walls, creating depth. The dark navy on the walls of this nautical bedroom is calming.  No doubt about it: no trouble falling asleep here.
Creating a nautical theme? This deep navy blue matches Mystic Valley Trader’s Oceana Collection.
OUR COLOR MATCH: 2063-10 Old Navy
Tranquil Master Bedroom
The grey, cream and light grey-blue of this traditional bedroom creates gentle contrast, making it the perfect space to free your mind and de-stress after a long day.
 OUR COLOR MATCH: SW 6511 Snowdrop
Whimsical Master Retreat
Alone, you might think this pastel blue is meant for the baby’s room, but with mix-matched furniture and subtly detailed pieces, this blue transforms a chic master bedroom to a whimsical mater retreat.
OUR COLOR MATCH: SW 6792 Minor Blue
Bold & Playful Master Bedroom
This turquoise bedroom makes a bold statement with its color scheme. This designer tempered bold & playful with sophisticated neutral grey accents along with an elegant light fixture and rug. This shade of blue proves that blue isn’t simply one dimensional, as only a mere calming / relaxing color. It can brighten and energize your bedroom as well.
 OUR COLOR MATCH: SW 6480 Lagoon
Classically Elegant Master Suite
They call it royal blue for a reason! This deep blue gives off an unmistakable aura of sophistication. Paired with cream and gold, these colors produce an arresting sharp contrast. This classically elegant master suite is a show-stopper.
This regal blue would pair perfectly with Mystic Valley Traders’ Hulopoe Bay Collection.
OUR COLOR MATCH: SW 9178 In the Navy
What is your favorite shade of blue? Let us know in the comments below.

Designing a Serene Bedroom Getaway in 5 Steps


  1. Go monochromatic

Play off the hues of a single color to calm your bedroom and relax the eyes – whether it’s shades of beige, grey, purple or blue. While viewing your bedroom, the eyes fluidly sweep over the soft contrasts.

  1. Lighten up on the lighting

The key to a serene bedroom is dim lighting. Again, stay with the theme that nothing should be too harsh on the eyes.  It is realistic, however, that on some occasions, you need full light, so leave yourself options. Invest in a light dimmer, candles, a nightstand lamp or any combination of these.

  1. Treat your windows

Consider your window treatments. Do you want that calm, serene feeling to last you long into the morning? We recommend trying blackout drapes on your windows to control the bedroom lighting.

  1. Closed storage

Filling your exposed shelves with knickknacks and memorabilia is fun (and tempting), yet nothing ruins serenity like clutter. Design your storage pieces to those with doors.  Tuck your TV behind the doors of an entertainment center; keep your books in the storage bench at the end of the bed; show as little clutter as possible.

  1. A bigger, royal bed

When it comes to luxury, a bigger bed is assuredly better.  There’s a reason they are called “King” and “Queen”!  Go ahead – spoil yourself.

5 Reasons to Choose Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has long been associated with unparalleled luxury. Through its time, some questioned whether Egyptian cotton lives up to its reputation – if it is worth its price tag.  It turns out that there is powerful reasoning behind the mysterious luxury of Egyptian cotton products.

5. EC is stronger and softer than other fibers – The longer staple translates into more uninterrupted fiber to use when composing yarn and threads.  This means there are fewer splices; therefore, the threads and eventually the fabrics are stronger.  This also gives us the ability to turn these extra-long fibers into very fine yarn, making it softer and more lustrous than regular cotton.

4. Egyptian cotton is outrageously absorbent – Egyptian cotton is very porous.  This helps Egyptian cotton absorb more water faster and perform better… whether drying you off after your shower or wiping up standing water on the bathroom counter. 

 3.  EC is better to sleep on than regular cotton sheets – This is again due to the terrific absorbency of the EC.

2. Egyptian cotton lasts longer – The longer, finer staple of Egyptian cotton allows manufacturers to create a finer yarn.  Finer yarns yield a tighter weave in the fabric since we are able to pack more threads (higher thread counts) into each square inch, resulting in a more durable, long-lasting product.

1. Egyptian cotton only gets better with age – Each time you wash your Egyptian cotton towels and sheets, the fabrics just get softer and softer.

Beware of the fakes!  If it doesn’t say 100% Egyptian Cotton…it isn’t!  Stick with Mystic for the finest Egyptian Cotton.  Mystic Valley Traders offers a wide variety of colored Egyptian cotton sheets in 300, 600 and 1200 thread counts.  Our sheet sets include 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases (1 with twin).  And look for our Egyptian Cotton towel sets – coming soon!

egyptian cotton

Indie & Interior Design: Bohemian Summer Style

Summer is the season of music festivals and fashion resembles those from Woodstock and bohemian gypsies. It is full of loose, clean silhouettes, bright colors, flowing prints, and references to lands and times far off. But have you thought about incorporating this into your home? A quick search on Pinterest or Tumblr show some truly amazing concepts, however they seem daunting. Here are some ideas and approaches to this style.

A big part of this style is warm colors and bold prints. It is best to have prints on the beds and solids on the walls. To go bold, paint your walls red,  yellow, purple, pink, or orange. However, for a less permanent option, paint with a neutral color and add bold colors with accessories—lighting, tapestries, rugs, and curtains, for example. To further this style, find a complimentary bed set. The Montana, Shangri-La, Fisher Island, or Park Avenue duvets provide bold, flowing patterns to the space. Just be sure that the colors compliment the colors and that there are not too many patterns, because this can make the space look overcrowded and like the patterns are competing.

The final element is the accessories. Add items like a statue an elephant, crystals, dream catchers, candles, and tapestries to add interest to the space. Another idea is to add either faded faux flowers or dry real flowers, preserved with hairspray in simple glass. Finally, incorporate little vintage elements with Polaroid photographs, globes, and slightly tarnished mirrors.

It is with elements and accessories like these that you fully develop the bohemian style for your space this summer.

Bringing the Outside Indoors

Summer is a more active season with a more personal relationship with the outdoors. Whether it’s via camping, gardening, or boating, we enjoy the outdoors more during the summer. But how can you incorporate this into your home?

There are many ways to incorporate nature’s inspiration in home decor. One way is to have accessories of nature sprinkled throughout the space. This spans traditional items like flowers or bowls of fruit to more unique pieces like decorative branches and ceramic or metal animal heads. You can also add nature via artwork and prints. Coastal and beach bedding prints from the Cottonwood, Oceana, Fisher Island, and Hulopoe Bay collections take direct inspiration from nature—mostly from tropical islands and the ocean. For a bolder interpretation, add complementary accessories. However, for a subtler effect use modern accessories– such as abstract art with complementary colors, metallic statues of ocean- or beach-themed items, and  textured rugs.

Whether you want a bold or subtle interpretation of nature within your home, it will freshen your home for the summer season.

Blue is the Color of Summer

Blue has traditionally been liked and embraced color for centuries. And this summer, according to HGTV it is the color to include in your interior design. But did you know there are other benefits the stylistic to the color blue?

Studies have shown that people, when looking at the color, feel calmer, more sedate, and more intuitive. And according to the Chakra color spectrum, blue increases speech, hearing, and even spiritual communication. What is it about this unique color that effects us like this? It could be due to us associating the color with calming things around us—take the sky or the ocean, for example.

So, how do you add blue to your design without complete redo? The best place to start is the bed. The bedroom must be peaceful because it is a haven of sleep– hence scientists advice not to keep your work or computer there. If you want solid blues, the Profiles Silk  Turquoise Collection provides a soft shade that functions into the colder months. For a modern, summer-weight blue try the Cottonwood or the Checkers Aqua ensembles to bring in blue with strong lines and very clean, geometric patterns. For flowing, bolder prints, the Damai and the Hulopoe Bay sets have darker shades that bridge multiple seasons with timeless and antique-inspired patterns. And finally, if you are looking to bedding that builds on a blue base, amplify the blue with another cool accent color as featured in the Oceana and the Namaste designs. All of these sets have a blue calmness yet invite your own interpretation.

If you are more interested in just adding blue to your space, then adding it to a neutral color scheme is best. For example, pamper yourself with our 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets in 300-threadcount Navy or Sky or 650-threadcount Cyan or Sky and complementary pillows from the Santorini collection. Or enhance the Chakra energy with a small bowl of turquoise and aquamarine stones. Or even adding primarily blue artwork to the room to introduce that calming effect.

So whether you are looking to add a little or a lot, blue is the color to incorporate into your summer style.

“How To” Style: Romanticism

The romantic style is something that has returned to interior style and has taken a modern interpretation to it. But exactly what is it? Well, romanticism is a style in art, literature, and music that originated in Europe between 1800 and 1850. Think of artists like Casper David Friedrich, Thomas Lawrence, and Johan Christian Dahl. But how does it work in interior design?

Most of romantic art revolves around cool colors and a solid base—no bold prints or colors. The Profiles Silk Plum would be the best option because of its cool tones, but slightly darker version of purple. Add neutral pieces—end tables, chairs, etc.—in traditional, clean styles. Stick to shades of gray and white to compliment the purple duvet. Further this by adding small amounts of black accents—lamps, frames, and pillows—to provide more depth to the colors and space.

To make a strong and committed effort to romanticism, add elements from the artwork—flowers (like white roses) to side tables, rugs in plain white, silver framed mirrors, or even modern interpretations of romantic art. All of this will create a cohesive look and a modern interpretation of romantic interior design.

Out with the New and in with the Old

With summer approaching, people are looking to freshen up their house’s look and style in a new and unique way. But have you ever considered using vintage and antique pieces to do that? There is nothing more modern about a space than having a balanced aesthetic between the current and old.

So, how do you know what pieces work and what becomes too much? You don’t want your space to look like an antique shop nor out of style, so you want to have the furniture and accessories by three-fourths modern and one-fourth vintage. The best way to do that is have a majority of the heavy furniture and the bedding be modern and have vintage accessories. The Fulham Road, The Damai, The Chantilly and The Santorini all have the modernly traditional aesthetic that achieves that desired style. The Fulham Road and The Santorini have a more masculine aesthetic to them and this can be further enhanced with vintage pieces like a typewriter, cigar boxes, or military memorabilia. If you would rather soften the masculine style, include in the space a vintage chandelier, mother-of-pearl mirrors, or fashion sketches to frame on the walls. For a more overall feminine style, The Damai and The Chantilly follow that aesthetic. To enhance that style, add porcelain pieces, vintage fans, or a birdcage. However, if you want to add a masculine edge to these duvet covers, add accessories like an art-deco lamp, a record player (with plenty of vinyl records, of course), or a vintage globe.

The important part to vintage-modern style is balancing all the aspects of it—that includes the balancing of old and new as well as the gender-associated styles in the room. You don’t want too much of one or the other because it will diminish the affect of the overall style. So after picking the perfect duvet cover to start, go to your local markets, antique stores, and eBay to find those complimentary pieces for a unique space.

“How To” Style: Nautical Inspired

Warm nights, drives to the beach, walks on the boardwalk, and adventures for everyone—there is nothing quite like summer. With warmer weather and the end of the school year approaching, people are looking to make their home feel as seasonal as possible. So what are some of the best ways to get that nautical, summer style?

For a more traditional take on nautical style and what is typically seen in most summer beach homes, take inspiration from the Oceana, the Fisher Island, or the Hulopoe Bay. Oceana, with its navy blue shell and ocean print, makes a bold statement. The bright neon green accents included in the collection make this traditional nautical style feel more modern and balance the print with a minimal, colored accent. To further the nautical theme, either be inspired by the Oceana print or compliment it. You can add ocean and nautical accents, such as ship-inspired artwork or even a jellyfish-resin lamp—this creates traditional take on this classic take and allows for small twists on it. Or simply add accents in a modern, minimalist style, such as a silver side-table, an abstract piece of art, or a white leather chair. This gives a modern and young interpretation on the classic style and balances out the bold print in the duvet with simple accents.

Maybe you want to have that nautical look, but you don’t want to be as bold and forward with it as the Oceana is. So, how do you achieve that look? Start with a clean duvet in a cool blue tone, like the Profiles Silk Turquoise or the Checkers Aqua, and build the nautical theme around it. Add accent pillows with the shell print in a matching shade of blue or complimentary color; add modern interpretations of classic pieces, like a silver shell or fish or an abstract depiction of the beach; or add white shutter-style doors and dressers to the space to make it all feel more like a summer, beach space.

The key to this style is deciding how you want to interpret it—either in a classic and bold or a minimalist and modern way. Either way you will succeed with the nautical style and be ready to welcome in that warm weather and long summer days.

How to Build Your Own “House of Cards”

The third season of House of Cards premiered this past weekend on Netflix, making a big and anticipated impact—even more so if you count the 600,000 pirated downloads. The show is known for its strong characters, realistic perspectives, and complex political plotlines. While the show is built around characters and plots, the sets and designs pull the tones and character dynamics together. The Underwood house and style highlight their attitudes towards each other and their roles in the outside world. Their style uses traditional patterns typically in neutral greys, blues, and whites—very cool colors. There are small, simple patterns in the room details—the wallpaper on accent walls, pillows, the cushions on chairs, and rugs. The larger parts of the spaces are clean and allow for the accents to stand out. The clean spaces and balance of bold and subtle accents beautifully compliment each other.

So, how do you get the Underwoods’ style without becoming president? The critical characteristics of their style include the use of traditional elements, like the rich baroque patterns in the accent walls and small details of the room. This includes plush chairs with traditional wood—sometimes painted silver or gold—with flowing lines in the framework—and clean lines in the patterns on the walls. Such duvet covers as The Easton and The Hulopoe Bay provide the solid and neutral colors frequently used in House of Cards. Accent pillows from The Park Avenue, The Radiance Steel, The Montana, and The Santorini provide subtle traditional patterns. If you prefer the duvet cover play the leading role in the pattern of the room, The Fulham Road, The Park Avenue, The Chantilly, and the striped reverse side of The Cottonwood provide both the color and strong patterns featured in the Underwood house.

Whether you are president of the United States or fan of The House of Cards styling, it is easy to develop the Underwoods’ interior design style and make it work for your specific space and taste.